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SunStyles’ mission is for you to Experience More by making sunscreen a part of your every day lifestyle. The purpose of our products is to allow you to achieve sun wellness conveniently, efficiently, and with quality. SunStyles enables you to explore every opportunity. ‘Being well’ is no longer about simply partaking in fitness and eating healthy meals. Wellness is now about balance and experience: learning to unwind and taking a moment to create memories with your family and friends.

Quality Ingredients

Part of wellness is utilizing high quality products. SunStyles sunscreen is alcohol-free, oxybenzone-free, octinoxate-free, PABA-free, and Paraben free. It is the only clear continuous spray that is UVA/UVB broad spectrum, the highest rating water resistance, and safe for all clothing.


Wellness is not only about taking care of yourself but also being conscious of the environment. SunStyles' custom formula is both reef safe and eco-friendly.  In order to 'Experience More' of earth's beauty, do your part by selecting a sunscreen that is safe for the environment and the marine life. 

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SunStyles sunscreen is featured in our SnappyScreen Sunscreen Application Systems at luxury 4 & 5 star hotels and resorts.  To learn more about our machines visit www.snappyscreen.com

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